All memberships are a one year committment and can only be purchased at the gym.
$40 Registration fee with all memberships
 Cancellation required a 30 day written notification.

  1. Limited with Auto pay
    This membership allows you to take 12 classes a month at a discount when using our auto pay option. We can automatically charge your checking account or credit card. $40/month
  2. Limited W/O Auto pay
    This membership is limited to 12 classes a month and allows you to pay with cash check or card. $45/month
  3. Unlimited with auto pay
    This membership allows you the ability to take as many classes a month as you would like. By committing to auto pay and having your monthly payments automaticaly deducted from your checking account or credit card you receive a discounted rate. $50/month
  4. Unlimited W/O Auto pay
    With this membership you get unlimited classes and the ability to pay with check, cash or credit card. $55/month